Woke up with Stiff Neck and Five Tips For The Cushion

What is?

The torticollis is a disorder in the neck region that can cause intense localized pain, or radiate to the musculature of the dorsal region. Means torticollis twisted (bent) , and cervical (neck).

As uncomfortable as it may be, the torticollus protects the neck and prevents the initial injury from becoming more serious.

Types of Torticollis:

  1. Congenital: occurs in newborns due to complications during childbirth or poor intrauterine positioning. Physiotherapy treatment is performed in the first months of life.
  2. Spasmodic: rare neuromuscular disease caused by contractions of the neck muscles.
  3. Muscular or Sudden: resulting from a muscle contraction, which may be a result of poor neck posture, jerking, trauma, tension or poor position while sleeping. The nerves that pass near the muscle can suffer compression and inflammation. Find the therapeutic pillows to help relief the pain.

Note the large number of muscles in the cervical region, in particular the famous ECOM (sternocleidomastoid), which is one of the most involved in the torticollis. This muscle allows rotation, inclination and a slight extension of the head.

Signs and Symptoms of Muscular Torticollis:

-          Severe pain in any attempt to move the head

-          Pain and limitation of movement

-          Decreased range of neck movements

-          Pain located on one side of the neck

-          Touch sensitive pain

-          Pain may radiate to the dorsal region

The torticollis can compromise other muscles because our body is a true muscular chain

Self-Massage Tips  

  1. Sit in a comfortable posture
  2. Make slow and smooth movements trying to “stretch” the muscle in a superficial way, without causing intense pain

Slow and smooth movements, if pain allows it is ideal that it be performed on both the pain side and the opposite side

3. Apply warm compress to the region for at least 20 minutes. Then try stretching your muscles slowly

4. Finish with circular movements in the sore area

5. A ball (tennis, styrofoam) can be used to improve relaxation

If the massage does not relieve the condition, see your doctor.



-          Rest: a spastic and tense muscle can not continue working so as not to aggravate the case

-          If the pain persists, the cervical collar can be used because it promotes rest and decreases muscle spasm. Ideally, it should be temporary so as not to accommodate the musculature

-          Warm compress is indicated for local relaxation. But there is controversy over the use of ice or of heat and ice in a row. However, the physiologically proven and successful outcome in practice is the use of HEAT (thermotherapy)

-          Muscle relaxants: prescribed by the doctor

-          Acupuncture

-          Massage and self-massage

-          Shiatsu

-          Chiropractic

If you have torticollis frequently, see your doctor to identify the basis of the problem. Reassess your posture, your workplace, your bed, your pillow … the sum of factors can detract from your quality of life.

Five Tips For The Cushion Does Not Affect Your Night’s Sleep

Old Pillow : See if your pillow has more than a decade. Older pillows are more synonymous with mold and mites, they have had enough time to multiply. If you are allergic and have coryza, itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing, replacing the piece with a new one is essential.


Very high cushion : If you sleep on your belly down or sideways and the pillow is too high, you may dawn with pain in the shoulders, back, neck and even the head. Supporting the head on many pillows can also cause this problem. So choose pillows for stomach sleepers that allows you to keep your head aligned with your spine.

Cushions and snoring : The correct cushion can help you to snore less. Sleeping on the back worsens the snoring caused by the vibration of the soft palate and uvula. If this is your problem, bet on a soft or large pillow, you encourage sleeping on your side.

Beware of foam cushions : Parts made with this material also have disadvantages. The foam is ideal for people with allergies, but can increase body heat, making you feel sweaty and uncomfortable. To avoid this problem, look for models with cooling gel on top to prevent overheating.

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